branded surveys review

Branded Surveys Review

In doing the research for this Branded Surveys review we discovered that Branded Surveys was born out of the ashes of “Mintvine”, a previously popular survey company that decided to completely rebrand in 2017.

The leadership team didn’t change and neither did the company’s ownership – but did the quality of surveys change?

We’ve been reasonably pleased with our experience of Branded Surveys, to date, they’re not the best survey company out there but they are solid and reputable and will make a decent addition to your survey portfolio.

Branded Surveys Signup Process

Branded Surveys Review

We liked this process.

It’s free (and as always, we’d recommend that you never pay to join a survey company) and it’s very easy.

You can sign up with Facebook or using your e-mail.

You then have to take a quick sifting survey, but they pay you for this with 50 points – which is something may survey companies don’t do.

As with all these surveys it might feel a little intrusive in terms of the information asked but they need to know which demographics you’re in to match paid surveys to you.

How Can You Earn Money With Branded Surveys?

Unlike many other survey companies – Branded Surveys is still all about the surveys.

You earn points from taking surveys and polls.

They also, occasionally, have some special offers that, if you take them up, you get some points added on to your account.

The average survey on Branded Surveys is supposed to take approximately 11 minutes to complete – so they’re quite involved when compared to some of the other survey site offerings.

Rewards for each survey tend to be quite consistent.

Mini-polls have mini-rewards and you’re only allowed to do one of these each day.

We’ve found that some people get a ton of surveys and others complain that they don’t get very many – so, it’s likely that your demographic is very important for this site.

Finally, they also offer a small amount of points for referring other members, this scheme is not as generous, however, as many other survey site’s schemes.

How Do You Get Paid?

branded survey site

One thing that we ought to note is that Branded Surveys is generous with points and you can get up to 300 points per survey.

Given that 1 point is 1 cent – you can earn a payout in a week if you get a few surveys sent to you, however, if you don’t get many surveys – you may be waiting some time for your rewards.

They require a minimum 1,000 points for you to get paid out and this can be either to any of a wide-range of gift cards or you can have the money to PayPal or pre-paid VISA or Mastercard. You can also connect their “Branded Pay” system to your bank account, if you live int h USA and get paid straight into the bank.

It takes up to 48 hours to claim and process a reward which puts Branded Surveys in the middle of the pack for speed, but we don’t think this is an unreasonable wait time.

You may also find that, occasionally, they send you some promo codes for free points which don’t require any special effort to boost your cash payouts.

You can also earn large percentage bonuses for completing a ton of surveys in a short time frame. They’ll add 15% to your account if you hit 12 surveys in 7 days and hold their “Gold badge” status (which is earned by completing surveys too).

Branded Surveys Review Overall

Branded Surveys is very good if you get offered a lot of surveys and it’s not if you don’t. With no other ways of earning other than surveys – you need to sign up and see what you get.

For some this will be an A-list choice of survey provider, others will use it once and never return.

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