inbox dollars review

Inbox Dollars Review

Doing an Inbox Dollars review is a pretty straightforward task. It’s all good!

Inbox Dollars’ reputation for allowing you to make money from home without any qualifications or special equipment is well-deserved.

Their program really works and it’s completely free for you to join – in fact, as we’ll see, you can get paid to sign up!

About Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars has over 10 million members and has been in business since the year 2000.

They have a good reputation for delivering payouts and for professionalism and customer service.

The company’s been on the top of the list of the fastest 5,000 growing companies in the USA twice.

They have paid out over $50 million to their members to data and you can meet other members in their 1 million strong Facebook community.

The Incentive For Signing Up

You do get paid to sign up with Inbox Dollars.

They pay you $5 for creating an account and then answering a questionnaire about yourself.

They use the answers from this questionnaire to help target surveys to you – so, it’s important to be as honest as you can when answering.

They will then pay you an additional 2 cents for every time you login to your account – which is a small incentive to keep checking in for new earning opportunities.

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How To Make Money With Inbox Dollars

The main way to earn money with Inbox Dollars is surveys but they are also happy to pay out for:

  • Reading and/or replying to promotional e-mails
  • Watching TV/Video shows online
  • Listening to music/programming on their online radio
  • Shopping online
  • Using their search engine plug in
  • Getting friends to sign up for the program
  • Taking up any of a large range of offers they provide

It’s worth noting that if you can get $40 in your account before you claim – they will waive their $3 processing fee.

So, it’s in your interest to do as many activities as you can each day.

Surveys For Cash

Many survey companies like to make their members work for points that can, via a complicated exchange scheme, eventually be turned into cash. Inbox Dollars, on the other hand, likes to keep things simple.

They pay cash for each survey you do.

You can get paid between $0.25 and $4.50 per survey that you take, and the sum is immediately credited to your account once you finish a survey.

You may also earn “Spins” which let you play their Spin and Win game for extra cash prizes.

Cash Bonuses For Using Offers

One very simple way to pick up some cash from Inbox Dollars is to take advantage of special offers.

For example, they might give you 25 cents for using a free sample or $10 for joining a book club. These offers are superb if you were thinking of taking them up anyway.

Getting Paid

This is, of course, the most important bit of doing any work – getting paid.

You need a minimum of $30 before you can make a withdrawal. To get it, click on “My account” in the app and then “request payment”.

Make sure that you have all your details updated so that the payment arrives.

It takes 10-16 days for them to process payment the first time and after that, you are promoted to GOLD status and will get payments the same day (if requested before 3 p.m.) or the next day.

Final Thoughts on Inbox Dollars Review

Inbox Dollars is a solid survey provider that pays out in real cash and without a complicated points scheme to learn.

You bank $5 just for signing up and earning money after that is very straightforward.

We’d recommend that everyone looking for some extra cash gives Inbox Dollars a go.

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