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Ipsos Panel Review

This Ipsos panel review was a no-brainer. Ipsos is one of the oldest and best firms in the world involved with online surveys.

They started out in 1975 before the Internet was even a thing and their market research arm has gone from strength to strength.

They boast hundreds of thousands of members for their online survey arm: Ipsos-I-Say but is it any good?

Let’s find out.

How Ipsos Works

Ipsos has a very broad presence and can be found in most EU countries, most Gulf Countries as well as the UK, US, and Canada.

The sign up process is very simple and you shouldn’t need to spend more than 10 minutes logging in and answering the set up questions (you must answer these as they inform them as to what surveys to send you).

How To Get Points On Ipsos I-Say

The only way to get points on Ipsos is via surveys. Unlike many of the other top survey sites they don’t offer paid TV, paid radio or product trials, etc. they want your opinion and that’s what they pay for.

Each survey comes with a pre-qualifying questionnaire and we’re pleased to say that if you’re rejected, you are still given a few points as compensation. Many other survey companies don’t do this.

ipsos panel reviews

How To Earn On Ipsos-I-Say

As we’ve said, the only real way to earn on Ipsos is via their surveys but they do have a loyalty program which pays bonuses based on the number of surveys that you have completed.

They also enter you into contests with big cash prizes. These are completely free and part of the benefits of doing paid surveys.

You can also pick up some bonus points by inviting a friend to join.

However, despite their international presence – they only pay if your friend is in the same country as you.

How The Points Add Up

Their surveys typically between 45 cents and $2. This isn’t the most generous of reward systems but it’s not bad either.

You need to have earned at least $10 before you can cash out your points though and it takes up to 3 weeks from the date of withdrawal to the money arriving in your PayPal.

However, their loyalty program is a good thing and can substantially boost your long-term earnings and it’s worth noting that Ipsos is the only survey company to do this.

The Rewards You Can Claim

In addition to cash, you can withdraw your points as gift card cash.

This is instant (unlike PayPal payouts) and you get to redeem 100% of the points as cash (unlike PayPal where they deduct a little cash as a processing fee).

You can also have the money paid out as a VISA Gift Card which takes up to a month to be delivered.

Other Benefits Of Ipsos-I-Say

So, what else do we like about Ipsos-I-Say?

  • The clean interface – when they only do one job, surveys, they can really mold the interface for that purpose. Ipsos-I-Say is very easy to use.
  • The tech support – they actually do support you, many survey sites aren’t great on the customer service, so Ipsos stands out here
  • The mobile version – this is really user-friendly, and we absolutely adore doing surveys on the phone

Final Thougts | Ipsos Panel Review

Ipsos is a highly reputable firm with nearly 50 years of trading history.

They can be relied upon to deliver surveys on a regular basis (though not necessarily daily) and to pay you for the surveys that you complete in a timely fashion that is inline with their payout terms and conditions.

We don’t think Ipsos is the highest-earning survey site but it’s definitely worth having in your portfolio of survey sites.

For additional survey sites check out our Top 12 Best Survey Sites for 2020.

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