MyPoints Review

What became clear in writing this MyPoints Review is our surprise that MyPoints isn’t a bigger deal than it currently is in the survey world.

It’s one of the best user experiences out there and you can absolutely earn money with them for just giving your opinion.

It’s a super way of picking up some extra cash in your downtime.

Why MyPoints?

MyPoints is not a fly-by-night operator as some survey companies appear to be. They’ve been delivering services for nearly 25 years now and that’s a good indication that they’re going to continue to be around when your payday comes due from them.

More importantly, in an industry riddle with terrible reputations and lousy review ratings, MyPoints is rated at an A- by the Better Business Bureau. Now, that’s not perfect but it is very good and once again, it ought to help you make up your mind regarding signup with them.

Speaking Of Signup?

The MyPoints signup process is free (and you should never pay to join a survey site – there are plenty of reputable sites out there that will allow you to signup free and some will even pay you to signup!) and it’s fairly straightforward.

You head to their homepage, follow the onscreen instructions, hand over a little information and then they send you an e-mail to confirm your membership and that lets you pick your account password.

If you have any trouble during this process – don’t worry, just ping their customer support and they’ll be happy to walk you through it.

How Can You Earn With MyPoints?

earn money with mypoints

Well, as with many of the survey sites – you can do more than just take some surveys to earn “reward points” (more on this in a minute).

You can also watch videos, play games, shop at their retail partners, use their search engine, print and use their coupons, read their emails, refer friends, etc.

MyPoints Rewards

We like the fact that there’s a low minimum payout ($5 for gift cards) but we find the conversion rate of 700 rewards point to $5 a bit confusing. It would be better if 1 point was 1 cent. However, we’ve had absolutely no trouble getting them to pay out.

You can also take the points as cash (either into PayPal or onto a prepaid VISA card) and you can turn them into airmiles and spend them directly at major outlets.

That’s a very health number of ways for you to turn points into prizes.

What We Like Most About MyPoints

MyPoints Review

We have some really positive experiences with their mobile app. We love that you can easily redeem your points and that they have a lot of ways to claim rewards too.

One thing that really stands out about MyPoints is the superb customer service.

What Don’t We Like About MyPoints?

Only some small things really – we find it irritating to be told about surveys and then find out that we don’t qualify for them. It would be better to have a single survey to determine a profile and then filter out the stuff we’re not allowed to do.

Also, you get quite a lot of repeat offers – once you’ve seen something once, it shouldn’t come back again and again.

MyPoints Review Overall

You can earn real money with MyPoints surveys and there is no doubt in our minds that they’re among the best survey companies to work with.

They’ve been in business for a good length of time and they’re not going anywhere.

It’s easy to earn and it’s easy to get paid which are the most important factors when choosing a survey site.

MyPoints is definitely worth your time.

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