National Consumer Panel Review | Is it Legit?

This National Consumer Panel review is of one of the biggest names in online surveys.

The National Consumer Review Panel is a well known market research “panel” and is known as NCP.

It almost sounds like it ought to be a government agency doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not.

In fact, it’s the collaboration between two different market research companies but is it legit?

Or are there problems that lurk beneath the surface?

Who Is Behind The National Consumer Panel?

The National Consumer Panel is a joint effort between Nielsen and IRI, two of the biggest market research companies in the USA.

They both seek to work with consumers to gain insight into their habits, to better inform product research, product development and market development for their clients.

How Does The National Consumer Panel Work?

The program is based on a different technology to most and to participate you will need a hand scanner (which is completely free) and that is sent out to you when you are accepted on to the program.

You will need to take the scanner with you every time that you buy your grocery shopping.

The idea is that you scan in the things that you purchase, and they give you points in return.

There is then a possibility to trade these points in either for rewards (including cash) or trade them for the chance to win big prizes.

How Do I Join The National Consumer Panel?

The bad news is that the National Consumer Panel is incredibly fussy about their members.

They have specific target demographics in mind when they open up recruitment and if you don’t fall into that demographic they simply won’t sign you up, no matter how keen you are.

National Consumer Panel

You’ll need to visit their website and fill in a basic profile for them.

They will review that and if they think you’re in the right group – they then send you an invitation to sign up as a full member.

If you accept the membership, they send out that scanner.

How Do I Get Paid By The National Consumer Panel?

The primary way to earn from The National Consumer Panel is to scan your week’s grocery shopping with the scanner as expected.

Then you upload your data to their system on a weekly basis and they provide points.

You will also be offered the opportunity to complete surveys and potentially carry out other activities to earn more points.

The payout threshold is 8,000 points. You can then turn the points into gift cards, cash or put them forward to win the big money lottery prizes and every 3 months a lucky winner picks up a check for $20,000! You also get some additional rewards in the form of discounts at major retailers.

The National Consumer Panel: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The good: the National Consumer Panel is considered to be highly reputable and they will support your journey with them, very well, indeed.

The bad: it’s hard to get accepted. There’s no way to predict whether they need you until you try to sign up.

The ugly: It will be down to you but if you don’t scan your barcodes and upload them, you won’t get rewards and eventually you will be withdrawn from the program.

Conclusion: National Consumer Panel Review | Is it Legit?

Yes, the National Consumer Panel is completely legitimate.

In fact, it’s won several awards as the best place to work in America!

Payouts are delivered on time and in the way that they promise.

Prizes really are won and claimed by members of the panel.

It may be hard to get on to the National Consumer Panel but once you’re there, you will be glad that you are.

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