Opinion City Review

This Opinion City review is our honest opinion. Opinion City is a paid survey provider.

That is they want you to sign up and answer surveys and in exchange for your time they promise to give you some extra cash.

But can you trust them with your data, and should you sign up for Opinion City’s services?

The Dark Background

Most survey sites are upfront about their ownership and corporate pedigree. This is, at least in part, because this helps to build user trust and confidence in the business and improves the initial relationship with the company.

Opinion City is very much not like this.

You can, if you dig hard enough, find out that this brand is owned by A&A Marketing but there’s not much more to it than that. A&A Marketing also doesn’t have the greatest reputation – which might explain why they’re hiding their identity.

What We Like About Opinion City

Opinion City Review

There’s not a lot of hype when you arrive on the website, they’re not putting the strong arm on you to sign up.

It’s also fair to say that Opinion City is completely free to get your account on, so, you’re not risking any money when dealing with them. However, we would recommend that if you decide to use Opinion City that you opt for a disposable e-mail account to do it with – our own trial with them resulted in a lot of spam.

There are a good number of surveys available on the website, however, many of them seem to lead you to an affiliate offer rather than an actual paid opportunity. This isn’t the way we think that survey companies should be run.

The same is true of their “coupons & freebies” – they don’t seem to offer anything there that isn’t resulting in an affiliate payment for them and they’re not clear about stating the relationship very well, either.

What We Don’t Like About Opinion City

We don’t like the fact that there’s absolutely no way to contact their customer services and this is an enormous red flag – other survey companies may not provide brilliant customer service but they all have some form of easy to access support.

Many of the “recommendations” made by Opinion City are for other low quality providers of surveys (such as MySurveyJobs) which make promises that they simply cannot fulfil (at least not in the lifetime of their users).

The biggest warning sign, however, is buried in the small print – Opinion City can sell your data to whoever they like without consulting you.

They say they do this in response to quotes for products and services but given that Opinion City doesn’t, officially, sell anything – there should be no need for this clause at all.

We also have to note that the pictures of staff members on this site aren’t real.

They’re all stock photos and that should give you real cause for concern – this is a company that simply never reveals any useful information with regard to their business model and practices.

Overall Opinion City Review

Opinion City can’t be termed a “scam” because they’re not charging you any money to use their service but it’s hard to feel good about recommending them either.

It’s not that there’s no money to be earned with them, but it comes at the risk of your personal data and if things don’t go right, you’re going to find it impossible to contact them to get things rectified.

That means that we’d only use Opinion City with a disposable e-mail account and only if you’re running short on survey companies to work with.

There are better survey providers with much better reputations out there to get started with.

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