opinion outpost review

Opinion Outpost Review

Our Opinion Outpost review reveals a solid survey website with a long(ish) history and a good parent company.

It does look a little dated and that might put first time users off.

But should it or should you go ahead and sign up anyway? We think the case is clear.

Opinion Outpost The Background

The company is owned by Survey Sampling International (SSI).

They’re a global brand in market research and they’ve been running Opinion Outpost for more than a decade now, so there’s no risk of this being a fly-by-night operation.

They’re in it for the long haul and are among the earliest providers of online surveys.

How To Sign Up

As you’d expect the sign up process is very straightforward.

You can use your e-mail or a major social network ID to sign up very easily.

It’s completely free and you won’t be asked to share any credit or bank details with them.

In fact, you should be aware that if a survey site asks for money – it’s almost certainly a scam.

So, the good news is that Opinion Outpost is not a scam.

How Do Rewards Work?

Survey websites all work on the same principle. You do surveys, they give you either points which can be swapped for cash or cash value.

Opinion Outpost uses points and 100 points is worth $10.

You can turn your points into real money with PayPal and their payout is very fast.

They also allow you to cash up in gift cards for sites like Amazon or iTunes.

We like the fact that they will payout with a balance of just $10 which is on the low side for a survey site.

Opinion Outpost Review

What Did We Like For Our Opinion Outpost Review?

Not only can you get paid, but they also have a quarterly prize draw which you get tickets for every time you complete a survey.

The top prize on that draw is a cool $10,000.

We think that’s possibly the best reward of any survey site, even if only one person can take it home.

They have a ton of surveys that are available every day – which increases the chances of getting paid.

They also have some games and things you can earn extra points with.

What Were Our Complaints?

The website looks like something from 1995.

We have no idea why the user experience is so clunky but it really needs a drastic overhaul. However, it’s still usable even if it looks bad.

We also don’t like the e-mails they send about surveys every time that one goes live. It feels like spam.

How Do Users Feel About Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is reasonably well regarded with most users, but some have reported getting shut down if they try to tailor their responses to increase their chances of getting more surveys.

We think they can’t complain about this – these companies pay for honest responses not for fantasy that helps you get more money.

Getting Paid

Opinion Outpost pays out quickly and painlessly with a low threshold for claiming cash.

That means it’s among the better survey sites in that respect.

However, it definitely feels a bit like it’s in decline and earnings are not as strong as they once were.

There aren’t as many new users coming on board because off this.


We definitely wouldn’t choose Opinion Outpost as our top provider of surveys, but it is solid, reliable and reputable and a solid addition to a broader portfolio of survey sites.

We think most people will end up with 10 or more survey sites they use and Opinion Outpost is a good choice for this kind of user.

For additional survey sites check out our Top 12 Best Survey Sites for 2020.

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