PrizeRebel Review

There are a lot of sites out there that promise money for surveys and some are excellent, and some are not so good.

So, where does Prize Rebel stand amongst the pack and should you sign up with them? Well, we’re pleased to share that we think that you should.

PrizeRebel Catches The Eye

You can feel the professionalism as soon as you visit the main PrizeRebel website.

It’s clearly a setup that has received substantial investment and is designed to reassure users that they’re not participating in one of the internet’s many scam sites.

They’ve paid out nearly $10 million since they launched in 2007 and that’s an impressive amount of cash.

They’re also happy to share how much cash they pay out each day and how many users that they have.

The sign up process is free (never pay to join a survey site) and you can even do it via Facebook, if you want. It’s also painless and you won’t be expected to give up hours of your time to do screening questionnaires before you can get started.

How To Make Money On PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel Review

PrizeRebel began as a survey site but like many of its competitors it also offers a wide-range of ways to make money: they pay out for surveys, signing up for trial offers, watching videos, completing daily tasks lists, for internet searching, for referring friends, etc.

They also offer bonus rewards that are based on your other earnings. A diamond level user can get a lot of free points on top of those that they earn.

How Do You Get Paid?

This is the most important bit and we’re very happy with PrizeRebel on this front. You can cash out for as little as $2! (As an Amazon Gift Card).

You get 1 cent of reward for every 1 point that you have.

You get paid in 24 hours but if you’re a gold member (or above) you get paid out immediately.

You can choose from over 500 gift cards to get your money on or you can opt for PayPal or prepaid VISA and they pay out on these two latter options at $5!

Most sites expect you to hit $20+ before they let you draw cash from them. So, that’s a huge factor in PrizeRebel’s favor.

What Did We Like About PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel Reviews

We’re really surprised by PrizeRebel and in a good way. This is one of the very few survey sites with a lot of surveys to complete and a near endless number of other tasks to boost your income.

Now, we need to stress – nobody gets rich from survey sites, but this is a very simple way to turn small amounts of downtime into extra cash.

You can almost certainly get your first payout within a week of joining and that’s nearly unheard of in the survey world.

We also found the overall level of professionalism and user experience to be exceptional – using PrizeRebel is a lot of fun and that really helps.

What Didn’t We Like?

Our biggest complaint is that the rewards don’t seem to reflect the complexity of the task – you might find that you get the same for a 20-minute questionnaire as one that takes 5 minutes.

We’d like this to change or, at least, for PrizeRebel to make it clearer what commitment is required to get paid out on a particular survey or task.

Final Thoughts On PrizeRebel

We really can’t find any reasons not to sign up with PrizeRebel and if you need a little cash quickly – this may be the best site of them all to join.

You can get paid out in less than a week if you really go for it.

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