Survey Club Review

Looking to make some money online and you stumbled over Survey Club and wonder if it’s a legit way to make money or yet another online scam?

Don’t worry you’re not alone.

The good news is that Survey Club is not a scam, and this is what you should know before you sign up.

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What Is Survey Club?

Survey Club is one of many market research companies that has worked out that it can conduct its research cheaply and effectively online.

They ask you to fill in surveys and in return they pay out cash rewards for doing so.

They claim to have nearly 20 million members on 6 of the 7 continents which means they are no fly-by-night operation and you can be pretty sure that they’ll still be around when it comes to collecting your payout – something that is very important when it comes to these sites.

How Does Survey Club Work?

As with most of these sites, you can sign up for free and there’s not much to the sign up process – you fill in a profile and a questionnaire which allow them to tailor the surveys that they send to you.

This is all pretty straightforward.

What’s not so straightforward, however, is that Survey Club isn’t the primary market research company and, instead, what it does is provide surveys from other survey sites – sites that you could join directly, perhaps, and get higher payments on.

So, it’s worth signing up for other survey sites if you can.

In fact, many of Survey Club’s surveys will finish by encouraging you to sign up with the other sites!

Is Survey Club On The Level?

Yes, though Survey Club’s methodology is a bit unusual – there’s no doubt that they are legit and that if you earn money with them it will be paid out.

It’s just a bit harder to earn with Survey Club than some other sites.

How To Make And Collect Money With Survey Club

survey club review

Survey Club doesn’t pay big money and you can expect about 50 cents to $1 per survey.

There aren’t a huge number of surveys either, so while you can definitely earn some pocket money with them – it’s not going to pay your bills.

They do offer some extra chances to earn though and these include participating in focus groups where they pay a whopping $400 an hour (and these opportunities though rare are completely legit) and they also, supposedly, offer some clinical research studies that pay up to $1,000 but we’ve never met anyone who has been on one.

They allow you to cash out when you reach $25 which can mean you have to complete 50 surveys before you get paid.

Pros Of Survey Club

  • They pay on time and they will pay both in cash and Amazon gift cards which is nice.
  • The focus group money is great and though they don’t happen often – they make joining Survey Club very worthwhile.
  • Survey Club is 100% legit and you won’t be ripped off and they have good customer service.

Cons Of Survey Club

  • You may be better off joining other sites and getting paid more per survey.
  • Their surveys are not easy to qualify for and you won’t find huge volumes of surveys to take.
  • The pay isn’t great (roughly 50 cents per survey).
  • They will bombard you with e-mails, so, don’t use your main e-mail account to sign up with.


We would encourage you to join Survey Club because the focus groups are awesome earners but otherwise, keep it on the back burner and get the surveys done on other, better paying, sites before coming back to Survey Club to fill in any time you have left for surveys in a month.

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