Survey Taking Tips For Seniors

Our survey taking tips for seniors is a great resource for our senior readers.

A great way to top up your pension as a senior is to take online surveys.

These are very easy to do and the payout is fast. It’s also true that seniors who play by the “unwritten rules” of the survey game will find it much easier to earn money than those who don’t.

So, to help you out -we’ve rounded up the rules they don’t tell you and we’re going to share them with you today!

Make Sure To Complete Your Profile

These companies use the data you supply in your profile as “pre-screening” information.

If you don’t fill in the profile, they can’t work out what kind of surveys to provide you with and you’ll only be given the opportunity to complete the most generic surveys. That might be fine for some but if you want to earn – you need to get your profile as complete as possible.

We know it seems intrusive to hand over your location, age and financial profile to these sites but the data is kept confidential and makes it so much easier for you to earn.

Don’t Forget Your Job Data

Sure, you may be retired now but all those years of experience? They’re often worth something to market research companies. If you are willing to fill in the full career profile on a site, they are often going to deliver surveys relevant to your profession – this is easy money.

Don’t Forget The Drug Companies

Survey Taking Tips For Seniors

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest customers of market research is big pharma and in order to get the data they need – they’re willing to pay big bucks. Some of those bucks will trickle down to you if you’re sharing your medical data openly and honestly with the survey company.

They often need to know if you’re suffering from a certain condition or if you’re taking a particular type of medicine.

Sometimes Your Politics Matter

Springboard America and YouGov are two survey sites which are also political polling organizations. They would love to get your input on issues of governance from the local to federal level but before they ask – they need to understand your current politics.

Some of the political surveys are among the highest paying opportunities on these sites, so, if you don’t share your red/blue leanings with them, you may be leaving money on the table.

Talk Your Shopping Habits

The National Consumer Panel is the most famous survey company interested in your shopping habits, but many others would also like to know what you slip into your shopping basket every week, month or year.

This data is then used to create products that better suit the needs of the senior market, so, if you like, this kind of research is a sort of public service which ought to (in the long run) directly benefit you and people like you.

We also think it’s less intrusive than some other forms of data gathering.

Don’t Be Shy – Take Different Kinds Of Survey

Most surveys are offered online, and these pay a reasonable amount for a few minutes here and there but there are other types of survey available to you and these may be much more lucrative.

Mail in surveys, such as those provided by the Consumer Opinion Institute, are less common than they once were (because it’s easier to do surveys online, we guess) but when they are available they tend to pay better and are very straightforward to do. They should always come with a prepaid envelope to return them in, so you won’t be out of pocket for taking part.

Focus groups are even better, like those offered by TGM Panel and LEO surveys. These are surveys which are carried out face to face, sometimes with groups of other people. They tend to require a little travel, but they are much better compensated than any other kind of survey at they’re no harder to do. We’ve found that they can be a lot of fun and a source of mental stimulation too.

Telephone surveys. The good old-fashioned telephone survey still exists and they’re usually quite simple to participate in. The rates of compensation do vary for these but if the number is right, there’s no reason not to take part.

You Can Ask For Help

Tips For Seniors and Surveys

If you have any difficulty completing a survey, just ask a friend or family member to help you out. This isn’t “cheating” and it’s perfectly OK to do so.

Final Thoughts On Survey Taking Tips For Seniors

Our final tip is that the more surveys you do and the more closely you follow our tips above, the more surveys you will be invited to and the more money you can make.

For a complete list of all the best survey sites available for seniors don’t miss our round-up of the best survey sites.

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