Survey Voices Review

Survey Voices is not your standard survey site and we applaud them for being upfront about this – their objective is to become “the best-paid survey aggregator” online.

But what does that mean for you and should you trust Survey Voices?

Or give them a wide berth in your search to make some extra money?

Our Survey Voices review tells you all you need to know.

What Is Survey Voices?

Survey Voices is not a market research company, unlike nearly all the other survey sites, it is an aggregator.

What does that mean?

It means that they work with many other survey sites to identify opportunities that might be suitable for you to participate in and then they direct you to those sites.

So, confident are they in their method of operation that they promise you can earn $300 in your first week!

They say they get this money from commissions paid to them through affiliate marketing that they get paid when you take a survey.

They collect less data than the majority of other sites – just your e-mail, phone number and address because they won’t need to profile you in the same way that other survey sites do.

How Does Survey Voices Work?

Survey Voices signposts you to surveys on other sites.

When you complete that survey – they get paid a commission for your work.

The more surveys you complete, the more money they earn and thus, the more money that they can pay you.

Is Survey Voices On The Level?

Survey Voices walks a very thin line between legitimate and plain con.

They say they spend their time working out which survey providers that you can trust but some of the companies that they signpost to are a complete scam, whereas others are genuine and legitimate sites.

The claim of $300 per week is ridiculous.

No survey site on the internet can pay that much per week – there aren’t enough surveys to go round and most pay $1-$3 (and many pay less) per survey, do you think you can do 300 surveys a week? Do you think they can find them? We don’t.

That’s not to say that Survey Voices isn’t a legit company. It is.

If you do the work that you get sent, you will get paid but not by Survey Voices and therein lies the next problem.

How To Make And Collect Money With Survey Voices

survey voices review

On all other survey sites, you take a survey, and that site pays you for your work.

Simple stuff, really.

On Survey Voices they send you to another site to take a survey and then it’s that site’s job to pay you.

Thus, it makes tracking your income from Survey Voices very, very difficult, indeed and we suspect that, in part, that’s the point – so you can’t disprove their “$300 a week claim”.

Thus, you may find you have to collect your payout in a dozen different formats and following a dozen different processes too.

Pros Of Survey Voices

  • You can get paid using Survey Voices

Cons Of Survey Voices

  • You don’t need Survey Voices – you can sign up for all the other legit survey sites using our guides and you don’t have to deal with them as a middleman at all
  • You won’t make $300 a week no matter what they tell you
  • You will get so much spam and junk mail plus telephone marketing that you will wish you hadn’t bothered


We can normally find something good to say about any survey company but in the case of Survey Voices? We can’t.

They’re not a con but they’re very close to it and there are too many better opportunities out there, don’t get burned – avoid them.

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