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Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly

OK, we’ve written extensively about survey sites on this site but we wanted to separate out those that are the fastest to earn some bucks on.

We appreciate that you don’t always have a few weeks (or more) when you need some ready money, sothis is our list of surveys that pay cash instantly.

All of these sites will pay money directly into your PayPal account or send you a cheque and that means it’s real cash not vouchers for specific stores.

However, no matter how fast any of them pay, you may need to wait a little while before the money clears into your account. You won’t be able to spend the money as fast as you can earn it.

The 6 Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly

While there are other companies that are pretty quick to get you money, only these 6 can deliver rapid cash.

Opinion Outpost (In as little as 15 Minutes)

Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly

You have to earn $10 on Opinion Outpost before you can withdraw your money but once you do – it can take as little as 15 minutes to clear into your PayPal account.

The good news is that this is a relatively high-paying site in the first place, you can easily find surveys that are worth $2.50 each. That’s 4 surveys and you can take home the bacon.

However, you may find that there’s a lot of competition for these surveys as everybody appreciates a fast pay day.

Read our full review of Opinion Outpost here.

PrizeRebel (Same Day)

prize rebel instant payouts

PrizeRebel is second in our list for speedy payments. You won’t beat Opinion Outpost, mind you, but 24 hours is not bad at all for delivering money into your account.

There are a wide-variety of ways to earn money on the PrizeRebel site, so, if you find yourself needing a little boost to get paid – it should be easy to get there in a day.

You must earn at least $5 before you can take the cash and while they do say 24 hours to clear into PayPal, we’ve heard some folks claim it can be instant.

If you need money in a hurry, they are worth checking out. Read out full review of PrizeRebel here.

Superpay.Me (Same Day)

Also promising money within 24 hours is Superpay.Me though we’ve heard from users that say it can appear in as little as 4 hours!

It also has the lowest balance withdrawal limit of any survey site – you only need to earn $1 to claim it in cash. They give you 20 cents when you sign up, so getting to a buck is easy.

However, the first time you use the account, you need to go through a verification process which can take up to a week. So, they drop down our ranking slightly for that. They are instant but only for existing users.

PineCone Research (2-3 Days)

PineCone is one of the big beasts of the survey world and you can get a PayPal cash out within 3 days from them. They tend to pay around $3 a survey and you can get about 8 surveys a month from them. You can cash out after any survey without question.

There are no survey disqualification processes on PineCone’s site. If you can find a survey, you’re guaranteed to be able to take it.

As one of the most reputable sites around, if you can wait 3 days for your money – PineCone research is a very good option.

Opinion Square (Cheque but 4-6 Days Delivery)

Opinion Square pays out quickly and it does so by cheque. However, you’ve got to wait for that cheque to make it to your home and that means, it’s not the fastest company on our list.

One thing we really like about this company is that you also get entered into sweepstakes to win big prizes as well as being paid for your surveys. You could win up to $100,000 each month! We think we’d wait a few days for $100,000 with a smile on our faces.

SurveyRewardz (5-7 Days)

The slowest of our 6 sites to reach a payday is still no slouch. You should be able to get some cash in your account within a week with SurveyRewards. However, we should warn you that if you cash out below $10 – they will charge you for a withdrawal.

That means we’d recommend that if you can, it’s better to wait and get all your money than to fork out a chunk of your earnings back to SurveyRewards.

Still, when you really need cash, it’s always an option.

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