Vindale Research Review

Vindale Research is a long-established and well-respected name in the paid survey field, but do they deliver on their promise or are they coasting on past glories?

Well, we’re happy to report that Vindale still represent a solid way to earn money while completing surveys!

About Vindale Research

Vindale has been offering online surveys for over a decade and they’re based in the United States. This should give you a reasonable amount of confidence that when you go to get paid – Vindale will still be there to payout.

Tracing a survey company’s background can help you distinguish scam sites from the real deal. Vindale is the real deal.

The Sign Up Process

Vindale Research Review

Vindale is completely free to join (and so it should be – as always, we strongly advise you never to pay money to join a survey site) and you can sign up with an e-mail address or using your Facebook account in a few minutes.

How Can You Earn Money With Vindale?

Vindale has a few key opportunities for earning money: surveys (and some of these pay much more money than the industry average – we’ve seen surveys for more than $10 but, they are often longer and more complex than other survey sites’ surveys too), surveys on other panels (they can refer you to some other survey site’s surveys), finding you work (they can find local vacancies for you), referrals (sign up your friends) and bonus offers.

That’s not as many choices as with some of the bigger brands but we just want to reinforce one thing – many Vindale surveys pay out much better levels of reward than the competition does. If you want to earn a decent chunk of cash, this can be very appealing.

You may also receive a very small sign up reward – this is typically around $1 which is a sort of middle of the road signing bonus, some sites offer a bit more and some offer a bit less.

How Do You Get Paid by Vindale?

Vindale Research Reviews

This is our one moment of hesitation when it comes to Vindale. Most survey sites will pay out in cash or gift cards. Vindale only pays out in cash and they pay out via PayPal and we think that’s admirable – it gives you complete control over the fruits of your labors.

However, what we don’t like is the minimum payout of $50. This is huge and is possibly the highest requirement on any survey site. This means that for people who get regular surveys, Vindale is a good payout but if you only get the occasional survey – you may be waiting forever to get paid. Boo hiss.

Something We Really Like About Vindale

We may not like that whopping minimum payment threshold, but we have been impressed by Vindale’s customer service. You can get support on a ZenDesk platform or via e-mail without much trouble and in reasonably short order too.

We wish that other survey providers would step up their customer service game, so, it’s worth acknowledging when a site exceeds expectations on this front.


We like Vindale Research and because we get a lot of surveys each month from them – we do recommend them to our friends, but we also understand why people with fewer opportunities tend not to use Vindale as much.

The site is completely reputable and has demonstrated that it’s here to stay which makes it a good choice for anyone’s portfolio of survey sites.

We admire their decision to only pay in cash, but we do wish they’d sort out that $50 minimum, it’s just a bit too high for comfort.

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