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YouGov Review

In writing this YouGov review we joined YouGov for the first time and we were impressed!

YouGov is famous for its political research and if you’ve watched the nightly news, you’ve almost certainly heard them being quoted on it.

However, they’re also involved in consumer research and are happy to pay you to fill in surveys, but should you sign up with them?

What Is YouGov?

YouGov is based in the UK but has a truly international presence.

They have sign ups for their surveys in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, North America and Europe which means they have a very broad presence compared to many other survey sites.

yougov review for making money with survey sites

The Sign Up Process

You can sign up online or using their mobile app. It’s very easy to pick which region you are in, just click on one of the flags and they will take you to where you need to go.

We like this – too many survey sites exclude international audiences.

You’ll need to verify your e-mail and then complete an introductory survey which pays 100 points (more on this later) and helps them to figure out what surveys that they will ask you to complete on their site.

The Surveys

Some people love YouGov surveys and others seem to find them a bit dull.

We like them because we’ve found that they tend to dig into your opinions and are much more interactive than the surveys on some other survey sites.

However, we would agree with the criticism that this is harder to do from a mobile device than on a laptop or desktop.

The onscreen touch controls could be better designed.

In fact, from mobile you should allow about 10-15% more time than they suggest to get a survey finished – whereas on a desktop their estimates are very accurate.

No Screening Process

One thing that really irks us on other survey sites is that there’s a tendency to ask you to fill in a pre-screening questionnaire.

This is, typically, unpaid if they then decide you’re not in the target group that they want to survey.

YouGov doesn’t do this and has no screening process in place.

If there’s a survey offered to you, you can do it and you can get paid for it.

That’s a real improvement and we wish other sites would learn from this.

Getting Paid

You need to accrue 5,000 points to get paid by YouGov.

Now, that’s quite a substantial amount of points which is worth about $65/£50 and is always paid in your local currency.

It can take a fair bit of survey filling to get to this number and we know that some people have become discourage by the time it takes to get paid.

However, you can also use your points to buy tickets into cash draws which, if you win, pay out large cash sums.

Referral Scheme

It’s also possible to top up your earnings by referring friends and we think that many people are going to find that when they’re in sight of that 5,000 point target, that they start handing out referral codes like sweets.

However, be warned – they don’t pay points for sign ups, the people you refer have to complete six surveys before you get paid.

That’s a bit stingier than most referral programs.


We really like YouGov. We find that their reputation is solid and that their payouts are timely.

We would like them to lower the payment threshold which seems a bit high when compared to other survey companies in the same league.

We’d also note that your opinions really do matter when you take a YouGov survey – some of their research is used to shape political policy around the world.

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